5 Reasons Kids Should Be Physically Active

It does not take much to encourage your kids to exercise through play, because today you have plenty of toys that will help you out. For example, if you have a soccer ball, you can buy kids soccer net at Step2 Direct or any other local kids toy store that has a good reputation and teach your young ones about overall soccer play; who knows, they might go pro one day!

This is something that should go without saying since daily exercise helps everyone stay fit and healthy. because of the way that today’s society is shaped, kids tend to stay indoors and play video games, which is not at all healthy for them. Nobody is saying that kids shouldn’t at all be able to play video games, but keep in mind that there needs to be a limit!

Kids just love to get creative and play house!

This article will help you understand just why your kids need to have proper daily exercises or at least activities that help them exercise through play. Therefore, if you want your children to grow up into healthy adults, carefully read the list below.

  1. Obesity is a serious issue

There is such a thing as an obese child, and while many parents do not want to talk about this with their children, they really should. Keep in mind that kids who are active about 60 minutes a day have a lower risk of becoming obese and we all know what kind of risks obesity itself carries.

  1. Better brain functions

Studies show that children, who exercise or have active play dates, do much better on math and reading tests than the kids who stay inside. Watching TV or playing games on the PC should not be forbidden but the time spend on such activities should be limited.

You could also purchase your kids a fun table activity toy; such as a water and sand table set, train table, or even the best kids craft table at Step2 Direct, or any other local kids toy store. This will help them use their creativity and imagination, while also encoring them to play outdoors.

  1. Physical and cognitive development

You should already be aware that body and brain development go hand in hand, not only for children but also for adults. However, with that said, the most crucial relationship that we can have with our body and mind is when we are young. As our kids stay active, their brain will develop and allow them to use imagination and creative play.

Encourage your kids to get into sports as that will be a good thing for them in the long-run!

  1. Play-based activities

Kids are not that fond of learning in their early life, but there is a way to trick them into loving it. You can purchase toys that are designed to help them develop certain skills and use their imagination. These toys do not have to be expensive, you can even get them a couple of dolls and props and let their imagination run wild as they role play their favorite characters.

  1. Reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety

Usually, adults neglect the fact that their children can also suffer from anxiety and depression, but recent studies confirmed that kids who prefer to have active play dates, tend to be much happier overall.

Final word

These are just a couple of reasons why you should encourage your kids to stay active and in shape. Frequent exercises that are made just for kids are necessary for their overall development, as it promotes self-efficiency and helps with their self-image too.

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