7 Tips to Survive Your Next Road Trip

The road trips are wonderful ways to offer the much-needed break to the tired soul. They are perfect opportunity to forget all the daily stress, soak in nature and make wonderful memories all the way. The advantage of the road trip over other forms of journeys is here you are in total charge of the tour. You can start when you feel like, take an additional break if you wish and enjoy some more time at a place when you desire. In road trips, there is no rush to catch the next flight or be at the railway station at a specified time to board the train. The road trips are a favourite among the youngsters who love to live their life according to their own terms. Here are the 7 most important tips to survive on your next road trip.

  1. Get a Good Night Sleep

If you wish to drive the car during the road trip it is essential to get at least 7-8 hours sleep the night prior to the road trip. In this way, you would be fully rejuvenated and charged up for the tour. The driver’s job on the road trip is really full of responsibility. The Indian roads are noted all over the world for their bad conditions. The potholes and craters mark the major parts of the roads except for the highways. So, it is always a good idea to share the driving with the friends to make the journey memorable and pleasurable.

  1. Gather the Gadgets

Do not forget the electronic gadgets like the portable DVD player, Bluetooth speakers, tablets, etc. They are the saviour for the tour nowadays. It is a good idea to get your car GPRS enabled. The latest apps in the smartphone like the Google Map would also serve the purpose. They would never let you get lost in unknown terrain. It is also a good idea to carry hard copies of roadmaps. This is because you cannot trust on the internet connectivity at every place during the tour.

  1. Do not Forget the Powerbanks

Power banks are portable battery charger which can be used to charge up multiple electronic devices like the mobile phones, iPods, tablets, etc. This innovative electronic device is considered the ultimate gadget for any road tour. There is nothing worse than stopping an hour every day during the tour only to get your electronic gadgets charged up from different charging points available at shops and restaurants. So, never forget the power banks.

  1. Carry Enough Number of Black T-shirts

The black t shirts are considered the most comfortable and favourite among the men for the road trips. The roads trips are bound to get dusty and sweaty, so the black t-shirts can act as your favourite companion during the journey. You can easily use the same t-shirt for one or two days. Moreover, they do not look dirty with the dust settled over them. You can check out for some really cool black-shirts in the portals of Bewakoof, Lee, Levis, Proline, etc.

  1. Be Sun Smart

Carry a generous dose of sunscreen lotions, sunglasses, hats during the tour. Whenever you leave the car for a quick break, do not forget to cover the seats with towels. In India, the sun is really merciless. The seats can turn into furnace within a short period of time if left unattended.

  1. Carry a lot Of Snacks

Never forget to carry ample amount of dry foods like biscuits, cakes, cookies, juices, cup noodles during the road trip. They would help you to recharge yourself within a short period of time. Spending a lot of time in the restaurants during the road trip is not a good option.

  1. Prepare the Vehicle

This is one of the most important tips for the road trip. It is worthy to take your vehicle for a regular servicing before the commencement of the journey. Ensure the engine oil has been changed at regular interval and the tyre pressure is just perfect. Preparing the vehicle for this long-haul journey gives you mental peace during the tour.

So, these were the 7 most important tips for the road trip. Now, it time to embark on the journey and enjoy every moment of it.

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