About SLIME: Everything You Need To Know.

Get Slime info here! Is it safe for use? Is it Liquid or Solid? Here’s what you should know!

We all know about slime. Some of us have made slime as a science project or may have seen it showcased online. It’s not new to us anymore. The slime trends are raving on social media, and everyone wants to have a feel of it. Very well then!

There are often many questions we ask about slime. Is slime a liquid or solid substance? Is it safe to touch? Where does it come from? I’ve got answers for you! This post contains information on things you need to know about the gooey substance called slime.

What is Slime? Liquid or Solid?

Slime doesn’t technically have a defined state. The substance is termed a Non-Newtonian fluid which means it is neither liquid nor solid. Interesting, right?

It can’t be solid because it technically doesn’t have its defined shape. It can neither be called a liquid because its viscosity and ability to flow are not constant (like water or oil). A technical description is that it is a fluid that can change its ability to resist deformation. Pour it out, and it will flow out like a liquid. Pick it up and roll it into a ball, and it will feel as hard as solid. Confusing state? No, that’s the Non-Newtonian state.

Therefore, slime is a chemical mixture of various household substances combined to create a polymeric substance that is neither liquid nor solid but takes whatever state depending on how it is handled.

Why Do We Love Slime?

Making slime has always been a typical science project in school. It is a perfect example used when teaching kids basic science principles. It is also fun to watch the substance turn into a solid and back into a liquid with just a few minutes of stirring.

Apart from learning and fun, playing with slime has been proven to have relaxing effects and helps relieve stress. Squishing it through your fingers can make you feel calm and relaxed.

Slime can also be used as a household cleaning tool. It is gooey and can remove tiny dirt particles by sticking them to itself. You can make slime at home or shop slime online.

Where Can You Get Slime?

Many small businesses focus on making and selling slime. Meanwhile, you can easily make your own through a series of DIY processes.

To make slime, you will need some household items, including

  • Borax
  • Liquid detergent
  • White glue
  • Cornstarch
  • Contact solution
  • Glitters
  • Food coloring and others!

Depending on your recipe, you may need other materials, but these are basically the necessities. You can check out different recipes to make different types of slime online.

Is Slime Safe?

Technically, YES! Slime is safe to touch and play with. However, some ingredients in the mixture could trigger allergic reactions. This means you need to check the components in your slime before playing with it.

Also, only allow kids to play with slime under supervision. This prevents them from putting it into their mouths as it contains ingredients not safe for eating.

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