All That You Need to Know about LED Grow Lights

For how agricultural and cultivation practices have progressed, we are here talking about LED grow lights. Have you ever thought of growing plants inside a room? Sunlight is one of the most important factors that affect plant growth. In fact, without sunlight, plants wouldn’t grow and gradually die. Seeds that you sow wouldn’t turn into plants either. LED grow lights are an alternative to sunlight, to break it down for you in the most basic way. Here’s more about LED grow lights.

What exactly are LED grow lights?

Just as the name suggests, LED grow lights are LED lights that help in the growth of plants indoors. The LED lights have LED chips. The luminaires in the light make use of these chips so that they can aid in growing plants in an efficient way. While there are many kinds if lights that are available in the market for growing plants indoor, LED lights are preferred since they can be adjusted based on the needs of the plants quite effectively?

How do LED grow lights effect plants?

One of the most important aspects of light that affects the growth of different parts of a plant is the color spectrum. For some plants, while red might be favorable for the growth of the roots, blue might do the job for the flowering phase. This means, color variations are really important for proper and complete growth of plants. These color variations that an LED grow light produces helps in the growth of the plants. When you do your research and know what color spectrum is needed to grow the plants in different phases, you would know how to adjust your LED grow light. One could also click here to read more about the LED lights and their interesting features.

What are the parameters you can adjust?

Once you have figured out the requirements for the plant you intend to grow, you can work on various factors in the LED grow light and make it support the growth of the plant. Here are the parameters that you can modify to best suit the LED grow light to grow plants.

  • Spectrum of light- As already mentioned, you can adjust the combination of colors to match the needs of the plant you are growing.
  • Uniformity of light- You can adjust the distribution of the light so that it is equally distributed.
  • Intensity of the light- This is one of the most important aspects. Each plant needs a different intensity of light. Based on what plant you grow, you can adjust the intensity of the light.
  • Photoperiod- Photoperiod is the amount of time the plant needs the light for, within a period of 24 hours. You can set the time so that the plant receives light only for the duration it is supposed to.

Why are LED grow lights useful?

As already mentioned, LED grow lights are adjustable, which is quite important if you plant different plants? We all know each plant has its own phases of blooming and vegetating. This is because the parameters of sunlight requirements vary for each plant. Once you know what intensity of light a specific plant you plan to grow needs, you can adjust the parameters for the plant based on it.

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