Golden Age of RC Flight

When I was about nine years old, my brother bought me a gas-powered airplane intended to fly in a circle with two strings attached to a handle. It crashed on its first flight, and we never spoke of it again. We couldn’t afford to fix it. We both had a dream to fly, but that was as close as we could get. Today the variety of aircraft available and easily flown is mind-boggling; there are so many choices.

Fixed Wing Planes: RC planes have come a very long way. You can buy them assembled and ready to go if you like. Some have computer-assisted flight, and the range and effectiveness of the Remote-Control systems are first-rate. You can even practice on simulators on your home computer. If you are looking for RC Models in Sittingbourne, they can be found through an internet search. Even a beginner can have successful flights on their first day.

Muilticopters: The fixed-wing enthusiasts worked hard to keep their hobby going, and one of the spinoffs from their efforts was the birth of the RC Multicopters. These machines provide such a stable platform that they are now used the world over for cinematography, surveillance, delivery and have become a very popular sport as well. Some models are so easy to fly, preschoolers can handle them.

I could never have dreamed of the state of advancement that the RC hobby has achieved. Flying, sailing, or driving the new RC units are some of the best forms of clean fun you can get involved with, and there are units to fit every budget.

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