How to Start Sewing Your Own Clothes

Sewing your own clothes can be an excellent way to get the styles you love, without a designer price tag. But many people are put off from the idea, perhaps thinking it’ll be too complex a skill to learn. Luckily, there are beginner projects you can do, and anyone with some basic skills can get started. Here is how.

Have your sewing machine serviced

One of the most important tools at your disposal will be your sewing machine. Sewing by hand is not really an option when making clothes, but even an older, basic sewing machine is fine to get started. Consider getting a sewing machine service Exeter to ensure your model is working at its best and is ready to take on bigger projects.

Pick a simple project

When you’re choosing a project as a beginner, look for a few things that indicate it’ll be easier to do.

  • A simple shape like a skirt will be easier than something with collars and cuffs
  • Fabrics such as cotton are easiest to use, as there’s no fraying or slipping
  • Look out for projects that are described in a language you understand

While you may want to jump in and do something complicated, it’s not recommended, as this might put you off dressmaking for life! Pick a project that’s going to be enjoyable for you.

Sewing is an excellent skill to have an if you are a good sewer, you can probably move onto dressmaking with just a few tools. All it takes is time and patience to learn new things.

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