Lotion: From Ancient Medicine to Modern Medicine

Lotions have long been used for therapeutic purposes in healing a variety of ailments. In order to fully appreciate the properties of these extracts, it is important to first be familiar with their role in the healing process. We will begin our examination of lotions with a bit of history.

The scientific world was not prepared for the discoveries of the healing power of lotions until much later. In fact, it wasn’t until the early 1900’s that scientific research was able to conclusively prove the potential of these extracts. The most important discovery came from a doctor in Switzerland named Victor Marcuse.

Medicinals from plants had long been used to treat ailments, including headaches, indigestion, and intestinal worms. The properties of these plants provided the basis for useful medicines that could be consumed. However, despite centuries of use, scientists had only known of the medical properties of these plants through descriptions and stories. This is the reason why most lotions don’t contain chemical structure data.

The discovery of the different plants used in this medicinal process can be traced back through history and can be traced to the early part of the twentieth century. In 1938, Professor Max Delbruck and his team of researchers began to discover the characteristics of various plant materials through modern research. They published their findings in a book entitled Medical Aspects of Plants. Although the studies themselves did not fully prove the medicinal capabilities of these plants, it was widely recognized as an important discovery.

Even though the discovery of the healing properties of lotions continued into the 21st century, they still remained largely a mystery to medical fields. The realization that these extracts held many of the same properties as the plant materials used in the medical field was only recently proven by scientists. Researchers then began to explore the many uses of lotions in the field of medicine. What was discovered was the amazing healing properties of many lotions that can now be found in many natural health products today.

There are numerous uses for these products in the market today that often fit into custom lotion packaging boxes these days. Many are used to soothe sore muscles, colds, allergies, acne, arthritis, psoriasis, sinus infections, and various other health concerns. It is also used to relieve symptoms caused by toxin-induced conditions such as cancer, poison ivy, poison oak, snake bite, and even the common cold.

These extracts provide some of the same medicinal properties as conventional medicines. Therefore, one doesn’t have to worry about toxic side effects or having to limit their intake of conventional medicines. Many studies have been conducted to determine the properties of lotions, and it is believed that more research will continue to be conducted on this subject in the future.

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