Making Bed Like A Hotel: What You Need To Buy

A positive approach to start the day is making your bed every morning. You’ll feel more ready and able to face the day ahead by organising your environment and establishing a cosy landing pad for later relaxing. Unsure about how to properly approach this routine task? Or whether you want to make a designer-quality bedroom with carefully layered sleeping arrangements or need a quicker solution. With all of those, it will be of assistance.

What methods make your bed seem hotel-like?

Listed below are the different components required to layer a bed like one from a five-star hotel and quick methods for making your bed:

Protective or Mattress Pad

With structural corners and elasticated hems that fasten around the mattress, mattress pads are like fitted sheets. They may offer a layer of comfort and keep it free of dust and stains while only needing to be washed about half as frequently as your sheets.

Fitted Sheets

The mattress protector will cover with fitted sheets and sheet sets, sculpted corners, and elastic edges to make it simpler to achieve a snug, secure fit. Your fitted sheet should ideally have tags on the top, bottom, or foot that point to the side.

Mattress cover.

As you would with a fitted sheet, secure a pad or protection over the corners of your mattress and make sure it is taut.

Upper sheet

Place the flat sheet on top of the similarly-sized flat sheet with the large hemline at the head. Ensure it is in the middle and has enough room for the sides and bottom to fold beneath the mattress. Leave two or three feet unfastened at the top, fold neatly in the bottom two edges, and tuck both sides under the bedding.


Put your duvet on the cover mattress with the foot fastened with buttons, bonds, or a zipper. Ensure that the edges and sides hang equally over the bedding and align it with the flat sheet at the head. You can keep your duvet in its current position or fold it down one to two feet with the top sheet to top sheet’s broad hem visible.


Put pillowcases on the pillows you use for sleeping and shams on the fluffier pillows you might not use for sleeping. Your bed’s head should first have your regular pillows, followed by the ones with sham covers.

After learning how to set up a bed, you can start picking out specific items to make yours as comfortable as possible while respecting your personal decorating preferences.

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