The Rise and Spread of Face Masks

These days, bringing your mask out on an errand is as natural and necessary as grabbing your keys or your wallet. Face masks have been globally recommended, and it’s rare to go outside these days without seeing at least one person with a face covering. Different materials and accessories have been quickly produced to make masks the newest fashion statement for your outfit.

Mask Lanyards

Within weeks of the mask mandates rolled out in many countries came another common accessory—the neck strap, or lanyard. They range from simple string similar to a shoelace all the way to jewelled and bedazzled straps. These are handy for people that don’t wear masks all the time and may need to pull them out on a quick grocery shop. The straps are easily available and now very stylish!

Dozens of Different Materials

While they were usually used for hospitals, masks are now commonplace and as such, there has been a significant increase in the types of materials that you can now use for face masks. These can range from the standard disposable hospital mask from mesh to cotton to more! However, the surgical masks are the best for preventing any illnesses. For these types of masks, it’s best to buy large amounts to reduce the stress of having the right mask. In bulk, buy disposable face masks to know that you and your face are always covered.

Jewels, Glitter, Studs, and More: Facemasks That Stand Out

The fashion spectrum has quickly caught up to making masks a fashionable trend. Celebrities have been spotted with glittery masks to make a scene. The punk scene sports black masks with studs or spikes, keeping in line with the typical clothing design. No matter if masks are here to stay, people will at least work hard to make them fashionable and fun.

It is important to note that some of these masks are not the most effective for preventing colds and other illnesses. The best masks for preventing you from catching an illness or even others catching an illness from you, the N95 respirator masks work best as they can filter up to 95% of the air that you breathe. No matter what mask you choose, make sure to also wash your hands and drink plenty of fluids to help keep yourself feeling healthy and strong.

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