Types of Nail Shapes and How to Choose the Right One

  1. Rounded Shaped Nails – Round nail shape is the easiest to be maintain. If you like something lowkey and still want your nails to stand out, this will probably be the shape for you. Best For: All hand types
  2. Oval Shape Nails – It is considered to be a more traditional shape. It was very popular in the late 1900s and early 2000s. This type of nail shape gives your nails a very simple yet elegant appearance. Best For: People with short fingers
  1. Square nails – The tips are in the shape of a square. Square nails are the most popular nail shape of all times. It is an excellent choice as the risk of the nails breaking is very less. This is because it follows the natural growth of your nails. Best for: People with longer fingers
  1. Squoval Shape Nails – A combination of the squared and oval shape, the squoval is also known as the soft square. It is extremely popular on the world of nail shapes. It is not only easier to manage but also very classy. Best For: People with all of fingers.
  1. Almond Shape Nails – This is more like the oval-shaped, except that it is more pointed at the top. It is wider at the base and slender across the sides. Come to think of it, the nail takes the appearance of an actual almond. Best For: People with Short fingers.

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