All About Cross-draw Holsters

The best ergonomic solution for weapon carriers is crossdraw holsters. They provide you the ultimate comfort while pulling out and putting your gun inside the holsters. They are durable, convenient to use, and last a lifetime. Even if you are into combat duels, cross-draw holsters are the ultimate solution for your support. They come with thumb grips and special belts. The most essential thing to keep in mind while in combat or using firearms is your ultimate safety. Cross-draw holsters provide you with safety in the sense that they prevent unwanted firing of weapons.

The advantages of cross-draw holsters

  1. Less of a chance of seizing the gun from the back. The cross-draw holster ensures protection.
  2. Cross-draw holsters deliver amenity and effortless access in a seated position.
  3. More nominal hand motion to reach your gun. If you bring your gun upon your hips it is more challenging to grasp it in rapid succession. The cross-draw holsters deliver you the advantage of getting it as momentarily as you require it.
  4. If you are having a hand-to-hand combat, the cross-draw holsters are a more uncontroversial option to maintain. Moving your hand towards the gun does not demand you to raise your elbow and advance out towards your hip.
  5. If you have a shoulder mobility problem that deters you from wearing shoulder holsters or you cannot lift your arms in an upward movement due to dislocated shoulder discs—then the answer to all your problems is the cross-draw holster.
  6. Another most remarkable component of the cross draw holster is it is very comfortable to disguise. At times you cannot suppress your more powerful side OWB using a jacket. Leaning over may also disclose the fact that you are armed. This is where cross-draw holsters play their part. You can effortlessly fold your arms and pull or just pull and move and draw the weapon under your jacket –ready for attacks.
  7. An ergonomic solution: A police officer has to bring several utilities on his belt during patrol. The poundage of such a loaded belt with utilities can range up to 25-30 lbs. such weight-bearing can guide to overexertion and associated damages from brutality. A crossbreed or cross-draw holster carries most of the weight of the gun and delivers the much-needed ergonomic aid needed in this domain.

Some Types of Holsters:

  • The Marshall Cross-draw: This is a gorgeous holster made for the distinguishing shooter who not only wants the holster to function but also wants to look good. This cross-draw holster has a slight curbed around the trigger that allows the user for a quick draw and is adorned with a very fancy concho.
  • Cross-draw rig: The model 3900 has a belt that has been cut from a 9 oz. leather. It is made up of fully suede leather. It features a decorative diamond stitched designed and has twelve hand-modelled bullet loops placed near the front for easy access. The belt is tapered at its ends and is finished with a plated square buckle.

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