What You Need to Know About Vape Juice

If you are not already familiar, vaping involves the use of an electronic device that includes a cartridge or tank which is where the e-liquid or vape juice goes. Vaping has become incredibly popular over the last few years due to the fact that it has evolved so much. Nowadays, you can find just about any flavour of vape juice you want which is another reason why people love vaping so much. If you are interested in learning more about vaping and about the vape juice that goes in it, keep reading.

Large Variety of E-Liquid

As mentioned previously, e-liquids come in all different flavours ranging from menthol to vanilla custard and orange. You can even find e-liquid in the UK flavoured like your favourite candy. You can find it in a range of different nicotine strengths. So, what exactly is vape juice? Vape juice is the liquid that goes inside of the vape and then gets turned into vapour. Without the e-liquid, you won’t be able to make any vapour. Oftentimes you can hear it referred to as e-liquid, e-cig juice, vaping liquid, and vape juice.

What Is in Vape Juice?

Another thing people are often curious about is what exactly is in vape juice? Vape juice contains many different ingredients that include nicotine and flavourings as well as base liquids known as PG and VG, or propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. The flavours that are used are water soluble and contain sweeteners to make them taste better. Nicotine is of course also included in vape juice in a variety of different concentrations however you can also find vape juice that contains no nicotine at all if that isn’t something you are looking for.

Finding the Right E-Liquid for You

If you are a first time vaper but don’t know where to start, finding the right type of e-liquid for you would certainly be where you should begin. Consider the different levels of nicotine each e-liquid has, the different flavours available, and whether or not they are suitable for your particular type of vape. If you have any questions you can always visit your local vape shop to speak to someone who may have more information in regards to what you are looking for and who can point you in the right direction.



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